Uttarakhand - Almora Urban Co-Operative Bank IFSC Codes

Select the district of Uttarakhand to find the IFSC code of Almora Urban Co-Operative Bank. Almora Urban Co-Operative Bank provides services in 13 districts and regions of Uttarakhand.

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Almora Urban Co-Operative Bank offers services in these districts of Uttarakhand:

Almora Urban Co-Operative Bank (Uttarakhand) IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

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Some branches of Almora Urban Co-Operative Bank in Uttarakhand:

Branch NameDistrictIFS CodeAddress
Rtgs-hoAlmoraAUCB0000001Gururani Complex, Lala Bazar Almora
NaAlmoraAUCB0000002Chowk Bazar Almora
NaAlmoraAUCB0000003Sadar Bazar , Ranikhet
NaBageshwarAUCB0000004Chowk Bazar Bageshwar
NaAlmoraAUCB0000005Dunagiri Road , Dwarahat
NaPithoragarhAUCB0000006Gandhi Chowk , Pithoragarh
NaNainitalAUCB0000007Meera Marg , Haldwani
NaNainitalAUCB0000008Bara Bazar , Nainital
NaUdham Singh NagarAUCB0000009Veer Haquikat Rai Marg, Rudrapur
NaNainitalAUCB0000010Navin Adarsh Mandi, Haldwani
NaNainitalAUCB0000011Jwala Line, Ramnagar
NaChampawatAUCB0000012Main Market, Tanakpur
NaUdham Singh NagarAUCB0000013Khatima Road, Sitarganj
NaNainitalAUCB0000014Kaladhungi Road, Haldwani
NaUdham Singh NagarAUCB0000015Sitarganj Road, Khatima
NaUdham Singh NagarAUCB0000016Post Office Road, Kashipur
NaUdham Singh NagarAUCB0000017Main Market, Kichha
NaNainitalAUCB0000018Malli Tal, Bhimtal
NaDehradunAUCB0000019Haridwar Road, Rishikesh
NaShyampurAUCB0000020Shymapur, Rishikesh
NaDehradunAUCB0000021Raiwala, Rishikesh
NaChampawatAUCB0000022Station Road, Champawat
NaChampawatAUCB0000023Khari Bazar, Lohaghat
NaNainitalAUCB0000024Haldwani Road, Kaladhungi
NaNainitalAUCB0000025Nainital Road, Lalkuan
NaKotdwaraAUCB0000026Devi Road, Kotdwar
NaNainitalAUCB0000027Nainital Road, Haldwani
NaNainitalAUCB0000028Rampur Road, Haldwani
NaUdham Singh NagarAUCB0000029Bhagat Singh Chowk, Bazpur
NaDehradunAUCB0000030Jhanda Bazar, Dehradun
NaHaridwarAUCB0000031Bholagiri Road, Haridwar
NaPithoragarhAUCB0000032Gic Road, Gangolihat
NaDehradunAUCB0000033Vidhnsabha Road, Dehradun
NaDehradunAUCB0000034Chakrata Road, Vikasnagar
NaHaridwarAUCB0000035Old Railway Road, Roorkee
NaUdham Singh NagarAUCB0000036Near Sarswati Sishu Mandir, Sultanpur Patti
NaUdham Singh NagarAUCB0000037Milan Banquit Hall, Jaspur
NaPithoragarhAUCB0000038Chowk Bazar, Berinag
NaBageshwarAUCB0000039Near Gic, Garur
NaAlmoraAUCB0000040Mall Road, Almora
NaNainitalAUCB0000041Bareilly Road, Haldwani
NaNainitalAUCB0000042Kusumkhera, Haldwani
NaHaridwarAUCB0000043Gurudwara Road, Jwalapur, Haridwar
NaGarhwalAUCB0000044Upper Bazar, Pauri
NaSrinagarAUCB0000045Kala Road, Srinagar
NaDehradunAUCB0000046Dispensary Road, Dehradun
NaDehradunAUCB0000047Mill Road, Doiwala
NaUdham Singh NagarAUCB0000048Gularbhoj Road, Gadarpur
NaDehradunAUCB0000049Dehradun Road, Harbartpur
NaTehri-garhwalAUCB0000050Laxman Jhula Road, Munikireti