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Select the district of Jharkhand to find the IFSC code of Bank of India. Bank of India provides services in 40 districts and regions of Jharkhand.

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Same districts in our database might have two different names, so we recommend you to check all the name variations. We are working on fixing all the district names.

Bank of India offers services in these districts of Jharkhand:

Bank of India (Jharkhand) IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

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Some branches of Bank of India in Jharkhand:

Branch NameDistrictIFS CodeAddress
DeogharDeogharBKID0004461Assam Access Roadat & Post Deoghar,
TaljhariDumkaBKID0004462At & Post Taljharidistrict Sahibganj,
BirkitiPakurBKID0004463Vill. & P.o. Birkitivia Maheshpur Block, Dist. Pakur
Radhanagar RajSahebganjBKID0004464Vill. & P.o. Radhanagarblock Rajmahal,
PakurPakurBKID0004465Khudi Ram Bose Chowkharin Danga Bazar, Pakur Dist. Pakur
MadhupurDeogharBKID0004499Gandhi Chowk, T P Bose Road At And Postmadhupur Dist Deoghar
JamshedpurPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004500Bistupurpost Box No. 36,
Telco TownPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004501Telco Towna Road,
JugsalaiPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004502127, Station Roadjugsalai, Dist. East Singhbhum
Jamshedpur McbSaraikela-kharsawanBKID0004503Kandra Roadadityapur Industrial Area,
SakchiPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004504Sakchi New Planning Areasakchi, Jamshedpur, Dist East Singhbhum
PatamdaPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004505At & Post Patamdadistrict East Singhbhum,
NimdihSaraikela KharsawanBKID0004506Chandil Purulia Highwaypost Chandil, Nimidih,
Circuit HousePurbi SinghbhumBKID0004507Gulnar Mahal, 4.inner Circle Road(north)jamshedpur, Dist-singhbhum,
MosabaniPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004508Badia Roadp. O. Mosabani Mines, Dist East Singhbhum
DhatkidihPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004509Block No. B, Holding No. 84line No. 1, Dhatkidih, Dist East Singhbhum
ChaibasaPaschimi SinghbhumBKID0004510Jain Market, 1st Floorsadar Bazar, Chaibasa Dist.west Singhbhum
GuaPaschimi SinghbhumBKID0004511Guadistrict West Singhbhum,
ChakradharpurPaschimi SinghbhumBKID0004512Main Roadchakradharpur, Dist. West Singhbhum
GhatsilaEast-singhbhumBKID0004513Main Roadghatsila, Dist East Singhbhum
BhagabandiPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004514Post Bhagabandivia Dumaria, Dist East Singhbhum
SiniSaraikela-kharsawanBKID0004515Railway Colonyat & Post Sini, Dist.seraikela-kharsawan
DhalbhumgarhPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004516Station Roaddhalbhumgarh, Dist East Singhbhum
DumariaPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004517At & P. O. Dumariadistrict East Singhbhum,
SonuaPaschimi SinghbhumBKID0004518At & Post Sonuadistrict West Singhbhum,
BandgaonPaschimi SinghbhumBKID0004519At & Post Bandgaondistrict West Singhbhum,
MoudasholiPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004520Village Moudasholip.o. Mohanpur, Via Ghatsila,
KuchaiSaraikela-kharsawanBKID0004521At & Post Kuchaidistrict Seraikela-kharsawan,
MajhgaonPaschimi SinghbhumBKID0004522At & Post Majhgaondistrict West Singhbhum,
TiruldihSaraikela-kharsawanBKID0004524Village Tiruldih Po& Ps. Tiruldihdistrict Seraikela-kharsawan,
RaghunathpurRaghunathpurBKID0004525Chandil Purulia Road, Raghunathpurp.o.adardih, Dist Seraikela-kharsawan
HataPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004526At Hata, P.o. Jurivia Tata Nagar, Dist East Singhbhum
Bara AmdaSaraikela-kharsawanBKID0004527Post Amda, Near Rajkharsawan Rly. Stndist Seraikela-kharsawan
GhoralingSaraikela-kharsawanBKID0004528P. O. Ghoralingvia Chandil, Dist. Seraikela-kharsawan
BendPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004529At & P. O. Bendvia Chakulia, Dist East Singhbhum
KalikapurPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004530Village & P. O. Kalikapurdistrict East Singhbhum,
Manoharpur BranchPaschimi SinghbhumBKID0004531Post Office Road, At & Post Manoharpurdistt. West Singhbhum
MuturkhamPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004532At Muturkham, Po Kantabanivia Dhalbhumgarh, Dist East Singhbhum
SundernagarSundernagarBKID0004533P. O. Sundernagardistrict East Singhbhum,
KaraikellaPaschimi SinghbhumBKID0004534P.o.karaikelavia Chakradharpur, Dist. West Singhbhum
DalbhangaSaraikela-kharsawanBKID0004535At & P.o. Dalbhangavia Kuchai, Dist.seraikela-kharsawan
JawalkataPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004536At & P.o. Jawalkatavia - Dhalbhumgarh, Dist East Singhbhum
ChowkaSaraikela-kharsawanBKID0004537At & P.o. Chowkavia - Chandil, Dist Seraikela-kharsawan
ChaliamaPaschimi SinghbhumBKID0004538Vill.chaliama, P.o.keshargarhiablock - Rajnagar, Dist Seraikela-kharsawan
MechuaPurbi SinghbhumBKID00045391st Floor, Murmu Complex, Bhatin Roadjadugora More, Post Jadugora Mines,
GaludihPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004544At & P.o. Galudihvia Amda, Dist Seraikela-kharsawan
OtarPaschimi SinghbhumBKID0004545At & P.o. Otarvia Chakradharpur, Dist West Singhbhum
Gohal DangraPurbi SinghbhumBKID0004546At & Post Gohal Dangradist. East Singhbhum,
GobindpurPaschimi SinghbhumBKID0004547At & Vill. Gobindpurpost Lota Pahar, Dist West Singhbhum
TeboPaschimi SinghbhumBKID0004548Vill. & Post Teboblock Bandgaon, Dist West Singhbhum