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Select the district of Bihar to find the IFSC code of Central Bank of India. Central Bank of India provides services in 72 districts and regions of Bihar.

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Central Bank of India offers services in these districts of Bihar:

Central Bank of India (Bihar) IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

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Some branches of Central Bank of India in Bihar:

Branch NameDistrictIFS CodeAddress
Ccpc MuzaffarpurMuzaffarpurCBIN0011381Bhagwanpur Pawapuri Vihar, Nh-28, Muzaffarpur-842001
Ccpc PatnaPatnaCBIN0019771New Dak Bunglow Road Mourya Lok Complex, Patna - 800001
Ccpc GayaGayaCBIN0019772A.p.colony, Gaya College Road C/o Gaya College Branch, Rampur - 823001
Birla Mandir Rd., PatnaPatnaCBIN0280007Birla Mandir Road, Patna, Dist-patna, Bihar-800014
Boring RoadPatnaCBIN0280008Laxmi Complex, Boring Road, Patna-800001
Patna Main OfficePatnaCBIN0280009New Dak Bungalow, Patna -800001
Jhauganj Patna CityPatnaCBIN0280010Jhauganj, Patna, Dist-patna, Bihar-800008.
Rajendra NagarPatnaCBIN0280011Patliputra Path Rajendra Nagar Patna-800016
BiharsharifNalandaCBIN0280012Bain House, Biharsharif Distt- Nalanda 803101
RajgirNalandaCBIN0280013Upadhyay Toli, Rajgir, 803116
HarnautNalandaCBIN0280014N.h. 31, P.o. Harnaut, Dist-nalanda, Bihar-803110.
MuzaffarpurMuzaffarpurCBIN0280015P.b. No. 7, Saraiyaganj Main Road, Muzaffarpur
Lalganj BiharLalganjCBIN0280016Chandra Bhavan, Lalganj, Dist- Vaishali, Bihar-844121
Mahnar BazarVaishaliCBIN0280017P.o. Mahnar Bazar, Dist- Vaishali, Bihar-844506.
RunisaidpurSitamarhiCBIN0280018P.o. Runisaidpur, Dist-sitamarhi, Bihar-843328
SheoharSheoharCBIN0280019P.o. Sheohar, Dist.:sheohar, Bihar - 843329
SitamarhiSitamarhiCBIN0280020Marwari Bazar, Dist-sitamarhi- 843301
SursandSitamarhiCBIN0280021P.o. Sursand, Dist- Sitamarhi, Bihar-843331
DholiDholiCBIN0280022Rajendra Agricultural University Campus, P.o. Dholi, Dist-muzaffarpur, Bihar-84312
DumraSitamarhiCBIN0280023Bishwanath Chowk, Po-sitamarhi Court, Dist-sitamarhi-843302
MotipurMuzaffarpurCBIN0280024P.o. Motipur, Dist- Muzaffarpur, Bihar-843111
RighaSitamarhiCBIN0280025Mill Chowk, P.o. Righa, Dist.-sitamarhi, Bihar-843328
Sahebganj, Dist. MuzaffarpurSahebganjCBIN0280026P.o. Kurnowl, Dist-muzaffarpur, Bihar-813125
BettiahPaschimi ChamparanCBIN02800273, Laltern Chowk, Lalabazar Street, Betiah-845 438
MotihariPurbi ChamparanCBIN0280028Main Road, Po-motihari, Dist-east Champaran-845401
BagahaPaschimi ChamparanCBIN0280029P.o. Bagaha, Dist-west Champaran, Bihar-845301
LuthahaPurbi ChamparanCBIN0280030Po-motiharicourt , Luthaha- 845401, Dist- East Champaran
RaxaulPurbi ChamparanCBIN0280031P.b. No. 8, Main Bazar (chowk) Raxaul Dist: East Champaran
AdapurPurbi ChamparanCBIN0280032P.o.adapur, Dist- East Champaran, Bihar-845 301
ChapraSaranCBIN0280033Hathua Market, Po-chapra -841301
SiwanSiwanCBIN0280034Panna Market, Naya Bazar, Siwan-841226
Dighawa DubauliGopalganjCBIN0280035Dighawa Dubauli, Dist- Gopalganj, Bihar
DighwaraSaranCBIN0280036P.o. Dighwara, Dist- Saran (chapra), Bihar-841207
GopalganjGopalganjCBIN0280037At-yadavpur Road, Dist-gopalganj, Bihar
RevelganjSaranCBIN0280038P.o. Revelganj, Dist- Saran (chapra), Bihar-841315
ArrahBhojpurCBIN0280039Chock Bazar, Arrah 802301
SasaramRohtasCBIN0280040G.t. Road, Sasaram 821115
BikramganjRohtasCBIN0280041At & Post Bikramganj, Dist- Rohtas, Bihar-802212
NasriganjRohtasCBIN0280042P.o. Nasriganj, Dist-rohtas, Bihar-821310
GayaGayaCBIN0280043Dhami Tola, Gaya 823001
NawadahNawadaCBIN0280044At Benazir Arcade, Vijay Bazar, Hall, P.o.dist.nawadah Ward No.10, Dist-nawadah, Bihar-805110
BodhgayaGayaCBIN0280045Magadh University Campus, Bodhgaya 824231
Monghyr (munger)MungerCBIN0280046P.b. No. 23, Bari Bazar, Munger, Dist-munger(monghyr), Bihar-811201
JamalpurMungerCBIN0280047Sadar Bazar, Station Road, Jamalpur 811214
KhagariaKhagariaCBIN0280048At Bishwanthganj, P.o. Khagaria, Dist-khagaria, Bihar-851204
LakhisaraiLakhisaraiCBIN0280049Nayabazar, Lakhisarai 811311
TeghraBegusaraiCBIN0280050Station Road, P.o. Teghra, Dist-begusarai, Bihar-851133, Gobhardhan Road, Po-darbhanga -846004, Kutchery Road, G.n.ganj, Po-laheriasarai-846001
MadhubaniMadhubaniCBIN0280053Nirial Bazar, Po-madhubani-847 211