Himachal Pradesh State Co-Operative Bank IFSC Code

Select the State or Union territory to find the IFSC code of Himachal Pradesh State Co-Operative Bank. Himachal Pradesh State Co-Operative Bank provides services in 1 state/UT of India.

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Himachal Pradesh State Co-Operative Bank offers NEFT services in these states/UTs:

Himachal Pradesh State Co-Operative Bank IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

Some branches of this bank:

Branch NameDistrictStateIFS CodeAddress
Rtgs-hoShimlaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000001Shimla The Mall Shimla 171001
New Subzi Mandi DelhiDelhiHimachal PradeshHPSC0000051New Subzi Mandi Azadpur Delhi
Service CentreShimlaHimachal PradeshHPSC00000SCShimla The Mall Shimla 171001
BarmanaBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000101Barmana Tehsil Sadar Pin 174013
BassiBassiHimachal PradeshHPSC0000102Bassi Kehloor Tehsil Sri Naina Devi Ji Pin 174002
BeriBeriHimachal PradeshHPSC0000103Beri Pin 174001
BerthinBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000104Berthin Tehsil Jhandutta Pin 174029
BharariSirmourHimachal PradeshHPSC0000105Bharari, Po- Lehri Sarel Tehsil Ghumarwin Pin-174027
BilaspurBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000106Bilaspur Main Market Pin-174001
DadholBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000107Dadhol Tehsil Ghumarwin Pin 174023
DangarBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000108Dangar Tehsil Ghumarwin Pin-174023
GehrwinBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000109Gehrwin Pin 174034
GhumarwinBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000110Ghumarwin Pin 174021
JhanduttaBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000111Jhandutta Pin 174031
KallariBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000112Kallari, Po- Naswal, Tehsil Ghumarwin Pin-174021
KutheraBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000113Kuthera Tehsil Ghumarwin
LakhanpurBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000114Lakhanpur Pin-174001
Naina DeviBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000115Sri Naina Devi Ji Pin-174310
NamholBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000116Namhol, Pin-
Shah TalaiBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000117Shahtalai Tehsil Jhanduta Distt Bilaspur
SwarghatBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000118Swarghat Tehsil Sri Naina Devi Ji Pin-174011
KandraurBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000119Kandraur, Tehsil Sadar Pin-174004
HarnoraBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000120Harnora Tehsil Sadar Pin
Guga MohraBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000123Guga Mohra, Po- Kapahora Tehsil Ghumarwin Pin-174029
TrifalghatBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000124Trifal Ghat, Po-hawan Pin-174003
JukhalaBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000125Jukhala Pin-174033
JejhwinBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000126Jejwin Tehsil Jhandutta Pin 174017
BumBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000127Bum, Po- Pantehra, Tehsil Ghumarwin Pin-174028
MalokharBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000128Malokhar Po Chhakhoh Tehsil Namhol Pin 174001
HatwarBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000129Hatwar Tehsil Ghumarwin
GolthaiBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000130Golthai Tehsil Sri Naina Devi Ji
ChandpurBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000132Vpo Chandpur Tehsil Sadar
HarlogBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000133Vpo Harlog Tehsil Ghumarwin
Kaulan Wala TobaBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000134Vpo Kaulan Wala Toba Tehsil Shri Naina Devi Ji
BhagerBilaspurHimachal PradeshHPSC0000135Village And Po Bhager Tehsil Ghumarwin
BanikhetChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000176Banikhet Pin 176303
BhanjraruChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000177Bhanjraru Tehsil Chamba Pin 176316
BharmourChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000178Bharmaur Chamba Pin-176015
ChambaChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000179Chamba Pin 176310
ChowariChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000180Chowari Tehsil Bhattiyat Pin 176302
DalhousieChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000182Dalhousie Pin 176304
DhularaChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000183Dhulara Pin 176027
GarolaChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000184Garola Tehsil Bharmaur Pin 176309
HatliChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000185Hatli Po Darman Tehsil Sihuntha Pin 176223
HoliChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000186Holi Pin 176309
KakiraChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000187Kakira Tehsil Bhattiyat Pin 176313
Naini KhadChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000188Naini Khad Pin
SalooniChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000189Salooni Pin 176320
SihuntaChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000190Sihuntha Pin
SurganiChambaHimachal PradeshHPSC0000191Surangani Tehsil Salooni Pin 176317

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