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Idukki District Co-Operative Bank offers NEFT services in these states/UTs:

Idukki District Co-Operative Bank IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

Some branches of this bank:

Branch NameDistrictStateIFS CodeAddress
Rtgs-hoIddukiKeralaIDUK0000001Idduki Colony Branch, Idduki Colony P.o., Pin-685602
Thodupuzha M And EIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000002Thodupuzha M&e Branch, Thodupuzha P.o, Pin 685 584
Kattappana MainIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000003Kattappana Main Branch, Kattappana P.o, Pin 685 508
AdimalyGreater BombayKeralaIDUK0000004Adimali Main Branch, Adimali P.o, Pin 685 561
MunnarErnakulamKeralaIDUK0000005Munnar Main Branch, Munnar P.o, Pin 685 612
VandiperiyarIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000006Vandiperiyar Branch, Vandiperiyar P.o, Pin 685 533
VazhathopeIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000007Vazhathope Branch, Thadiyampadu P.o, Pin 685 602
MundiyerumaIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000008Mundiyeruma Branch, Thookkupalam, K.p.colony P.o, Pin 685 552
Mundakayam EastIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000009Mundakkayam East Branch, Mundakkayam East P.o, Pin 686 513
KaliyarIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000010Kaliyar Branch, Vannappuram P.o, Pin 685 582
Thodupuzha MainIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000011Thodupuzha Main Branch, Thodupuzha P.o, Pin 685 584
KunchithanniIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000012Kunchithanny Branch, Kunchithanny P.o, Pin 685 565
SanthaparaIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000013Santhanpara Branch, Santhanpara P.o, Pin 685 619
NedumkandamIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000014Nedumkandom Branch, Nedumkandom P.o, Pin 685 553
KumilyIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000015Kumily Main Branch, Kumily P.o, Pin 685 509
MurickasseryIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000016Murickassery Branch, Murickassery P.o, Pin 685 604
VazhithalaIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000017Vazhithala Branch, Vazhithala P.o, Pin 685 583
UdumbanoorIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000018Udumbannoor Branch, Udumbannoor P.o, Pin 685 595
Kattappana EvgIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000019Kattappana Evening Branch, Kattappana P.o, Pin 685 508
UpputharaIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000020Upputhara Branch, Upputhara P.o, Pin 685 505
KarimkunnamIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000021Karimkunnam Branch, Karimkunnam P.o, Pin 685 586
RajakkadIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000022Rajakkadu Branch, Rajakkadu P.o, Pin 685 566
VandanmeduVandanmeduKeralaIDUK0000023Vandanmedu Branch, Vandanmedu P.o, Pin 685 551
ElapparaElapparaKeralaIDUK0000024Elappara Branch, Elappara P.o, Pin 685 501
MuttomIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000025Muttom Branch, Muttom P.o, Pin 685 587
KambilikandamIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000026Kambilikandom Branch, Kambilikandom P.o, Pin 685 571
KanjikuzhiPalakkadKeralaIDUK0000027Kanjikuzhy Branch, Idukki Kanjikuzhy P.o, Pin 685606
ChemmannarIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000028Chemmannar Branch, Chemmannar P.o, Pin 685 554
AnakkaraIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000029Anakkara Branch, Anakkara P.o, Pin 685 512
Kumily EvgIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000030Kumily Evening Branch, Kumily P.o, Pin 685 509
ThankamanyIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000031Thankamany Branch, Thankamany P.o, Pin 685 609
Thodupuzha TownIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000032Thodupuzha Town Branch, Thodupuzha P.o, Pin 685 584
KarimannoorIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000033Karimannoor Branch, Karimannoor P.o, Pin 685 581
CheruthonyIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000034Cheruthony Extension Counter, Idukki Colony P.o, Pin 685 602
RajakumaryIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000035Rajakumary Branch, Rajakumary South P.o, Pin 685 619
KanjarIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000036Kanjar Branch, Kanjar P.o, Pin 685 592
KuttikkanamIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000037Kuttikkanam Branch, Kuttikkanam P.o, Pin 685 531
MankulamIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000038Mankulam Branch, Mankulam P.o, Pin 685 565
PoopparaIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000039Pooppara Extension Counter, Pooppara P.o, Pin 685 619
VattavadaIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000040Vattavada Branch, Koviloor P.o, Pin 685 615
Munnar EvgIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000041Munnar Evening Branch, Munnar P.o, Pin 685 612
West KodikulamIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000042West Kodikkulam Branch, Kodikulam P.o, Pin 685 582
MangattukavalaIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000043Mangattukavala Branch, Thodupuzha East P.o, Pin 685 585
Adimaly EveningIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000044Adimali Evening Branch, Adimali P.o, Pin 685 561
VelliamattomIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000045Velliamattom Branch, Pannimattam P.o, Pin 685 588
NeyyasseryIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000046Neyyassery Branch, Neyyassery P.o, Pin 685 581
ThopramkudyIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000047Thopramkudy Branch, Thopramkudy P.o, Pin 685 515
LabbakkadaIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000048Labbakada Branch, Kalthotty P.o, Pin 685 507
VengalloorIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000049Vengalloor Branch, Vengalloor P.o, Pin 685 608
PattayamkavalaIdukkiKeralaIDUK0000050Pattayamkavala Branch, Muthalakodam 685 605

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