The Kangra Central Cooperative Bank IFSC Code

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The Kangra Central Cooperative Bank offers NEFT services in these states/UTs:

The Kangra Central Cooperative Bank IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

Some branches of this bank:

Branch NameDistrictStateIFS CodeAddress
Rtgs-hoKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000001Civil Lines Dharmsala Distt Kangra H.p. 176215
DharamshalaKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000002Civil Lines Dharmsala Distt Kangra H.p. 176215
NurpurKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000003Tehsil Nurpur Distt. Kangra 176202
Main Bazar PalampurKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000004Main Bazar Palampur Distt. Kangra H.p.
HamirpurHamirpurHimachal PradeshKACE0000005Tehsil & Distt. Hamirpur H.p.177001
KuluKulluHimachal PradeshKACE0000006Tehsil & Distt Kulu H.p. 175101
KeylongLahaul-spitiHimachal PradeshKACE0000007Tehsil Keylong Distt Lahul & Spiti 175132
DehraKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000008Tehsil Dehra Distt. Kangra H.p.177101
AmbUnaHimachal PradeshKACE0000009Vpo Amb Tehsil Amb Distt Una H.p. 177203
BanjarKulluHimachal PradeshKACE0000010Near Old Bus Stand, V.p.o:- Banjar, Tehsil:- Banjar, District:- Kulu. (h.p). Pin:- 175123.
BarsarBarsarHimachal PradeshKACE0000011V.p.o. Barsar Distt. Hamirpur
Nagrota BagwanKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000012V.p.o Nagrota Bagwan Distt. Kangra 176047
UnaUnaHimachal PradeshKACE0000013Tehsil & Distt. Una H.p. 174303
Daultpur ChowkDaulatpurHimachal PradeshKACE0000014Vpo Daulatpur Chowk Tehsil Amb Distt. Una 177204
KandroriKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000015Tehsil Indora Distt. Kangra 176402
BaijnathKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000016Tehsil Baijnath Distt. Kangra 176225
ChintpurniChintpurniHimachal PradeshKACE0000017Vpo Chintpurni Tehsil Amb Distt. Una H.p. 177110
NadaunHamirpurHimachal PradeshKACE0000018Tehsil Nadaun Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 177033
LambagaonKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000019Tehsil Jaisinghpur Distt Kangra H.p. 176096
AniKulluHimachal PradeshKACE0000020V.p.o:- Anni, Tehsil:- Anni, District:- Kulu.(h.p).pin:- 172026.
HaripurHaripurHimachal PradeshKACE0000021Tehsil Dehra Distt. Kangra H.p. 176028
DhametaKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000022Tehsil Fatehpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176025
Dada-sibaKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000023Tehsil Jaswan Distt. Kangra H.p 177106
JawaliKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000024Vpo Jawali Distt. Kangra H.p.
BhoranjHamirpurHimachal PradeshKACE0000025Teshil Bhoranj Distt. Hamirpur H.p. 176045
SantokhgarhUnaHimachal PradeshKACE0000026Teshil & Distt. Una H.p. 174301
Nagrota SurianKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000027Tehsil Jawali Distt. Kangra H.p. 176027
LoharaFatehpurHimachal PradeshKACE0000028Tehsil Fatehpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176053
Raja-ka-talabKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000030Teshil Jawali Distt. Kangra H.p. 176051
GangathKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000031Tehsil Nurpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176204
JassurKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000032Tehsil Nurpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176201
KangraKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000033Rajput Bhawankangrapo Kangra Distt Kangra H.p.
BanganaUnaHimachal PradeshKACE0000034Teshil Bangana Dist. Una H.p. 174307
ManaliKuluHimachal PradeshKACE0000035Tehsil Manali Distt. Kulu 175131
BhijariHamirpurHimachal PradeshKACE0000036Vpo Bijhari Tehsil Barsar Distt. Kangra H.p.
GagretUnaHimachal PradeshKACE0000037Vpo Gagret Tehsil Amb Distt Una H.p. 177201
NirmandKulluHimachal PradeshKACE0000038Teshil Nirmand Distt. Kulu 172023
BharmarKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000039Tehsil Jawali Dsitt. Kangra H.p. 176021
RaitKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000040V Po Raitdistt Kangra H.p.
BhunterKulluHimachal PradeshKACE0000041Teshil & Dsitt. Kulu 175125
Sujanpur TiraHamirpurHimachal PradeshKACE0000042Teshil Sujanpur Tira Distt. Hamirput 176314
HarsarKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000043Teshil Jawali Dsitt. Kangra
RakkarKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000044Tehail Dehra Distt. Kangra H.p. 177043
DhanetaHamirpurHimachal PradeshKACE0000045Vpo Dhaneta Tehsil Nadaun Distt Hamirpur
GaloreHamirpurHimachal PradeshKACE0000046Vpo Galore Distt. Hamirpur
KazaLahaul-spitiHimachal PradeshKACE0000047Vpo Kaza Tehsil Spiti
HaroliHaroliHimachal PradeshKACE0000048Tehsil Haroli Distt. Una H.p. 177220
DheeraKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000049Tehsil Palampur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176101
KotlaKotlaHimachal PradeshKACE0000050Tehsil Nurpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176205
RehanKangraHimachal PradeshKACE0000051Tehsil Nurpur Distt. Kangra H.p. 176022

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