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Karur Vysya Bank offers NEFT services in these states/UTs:

Karur Vysya Bank IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

Some branches of this bank:

Branch NameDistrictStateIFS CodeAddress
Central OfficeKarurTamil NaduKVBL0001101The Karur Vysya Bank Ltd, Central Office , Erode Road, , Karur-639002
Chennai DoChennaiTamil NaduKVBL0001102Kvb Towers, I Floor 568 Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai-600018
International DivisionChennaiTamil NaduKVBL0001103The Karur Vysya Bank Ltd, Chennai International Division, Kvb Towers Ii Floor, 568 Anna Salai Teynampet, Chennai-600018
Chennai AlandurKancheepuramTamil NaduKVBL0001104269 M.k.n.road, Alandur, Chennai-600016
AlanganallurMaduraiTamil NaduKVBL00011055-1/87 Main Road, , Alanganallur-625501
AnaimalaiCoimbatoreTamil NaduKVBL000110734 Palaniyandi Pillai St., , Anaimalai-642104
ArniTiruvannamalaiTamil NaduKVBL000110822, Srinivasan Street, Arni-632301
AtturSalemTamil NaduKVBL0001109P.b. No. 6 767 Ranipet Main Road, , Attur-636102
AundipattiAndipatti JakkampattiTamil NaduKVBL0001110P.b. No. 1 9-1-68-w 1st Floor, Theni Road, Aundipatti-625512
KathirnarasingapuramAndipatti JakkampattiTamil NaduKVBL0001111193 3rd Ward Main Road, Rajadhani P.o., Kathirnarasingapuram-625512
BatlagunduDindigulTamil NaduKVBL000111213-1-207 Main Road, , Batlagundu-624202
BelukurichiSalemTamil NaduKVBL00011135/101 Palaniappar Kovil St., , Belukurichi-637402
BhavaniErodeTamil NaduKVBL0001114P.b. No. 2 190 I Floor Sakthi Plaza, Main Road, Bhavani-638301
BodinayakanurTheniTamil NaduKVBL0001115P.b. No. 14 22/73 Kamaraj Bazaar, I Floor, Bodinayakanur-625513
ChidambaramCuddaloreTamil NaduKVBL000111636/1, West Car Street, Chidambaram-608001
ChinnalapattiDindigulTamil NaduKVBL0001117P.b. No. 13 11-3-36 Kamarajar Street, , Chinnalapatti-624301
ChinnamanurTheniTamil NaduKVBL0001118215/275 Main Road, , Chinnamanur-625515
Chennai ChromepetKancheepuramTamil NaduKVBL0001119117 Station Road, Chromepet, Chennai-600044
Coimbatore MainCoimbatoreTamil NaduKVBL0001120577 Oppanakara Street, , Coimbatore-641001
Coimbatore Dr Nanjappa RoadCoimbatoreTamil NaduKVBL0001121P.b. No. 3825 483 Dr. Nanjappa Road, , Coimbatore-641018
Coimbatore RspuramCoimbatoreTamil NaduKVBL0001122P.b. No. 1033 249-a Thiruvenkatasamy Road (east), R.s.puram, Coimbatore-641002
CoonoorNilgirisTamil NaduKVBL00011236 Allai Sait Compound, Near Lawley Hospital Mount Road, Coonoor-643102
CuddaloreCuddaloreTamil NaduKVBL0001124P.b.no.5 30 Car Street, , Cuddalore-607002
CumbumCumbumTamil NaduKVBL0001125P.b. No.9 I Floor, 47 Velappar Koil St., Cumbum-625516
DharapuramErodeTamil NaduKVBL0001126No 139, Big Bazaar Street, Dharapuram-638656
DhullyCoimbatoreTamil NaduKVBL00011275/70 Thirumoorthi Malai Road, Dhully - 642 112, Udamalpet Taluk Tirupur District, Dhully-642112
DindigulDindigulTamil NaduKVBL0001128P.b.no.21 No.7 Varadaraj Complex, Main Road, Dindigul-624001
ErodeErodeTamil NaduKVBL000112924 Muthurangam Street, , Erode-638001
GanapathipalayamErodeTamil NaduKVBL00011304/90 Naal Road, Pasur Exchange, Ganapathipalayam-638153
GobichettipalayamErodeTamil NaduKVBL0001131P.b.no.29 21 Cutchery Road, , Gobichettipalayam-638452
GudalurNilgirisTamil NaduKVBL000113232 Main Bazar, , Gudalur-625518
IdappadiSalemTamil NaduKVBL0001133P.b.no.8 35 Bazaar Street, , Idappadi-637101
JeeyapuramTiruchirapalliTamil NaduKVBL00011344/30-2 West St., Thiruparaithurai Exchange, Jeeyapuram-639101
KaduvanurVillupuramTamil NaduKVBL00011351/68-a Sivankoil Street, Kaduvanur- 605 801, Sankarapuramtk-0
KalappanaickenpattiNamakkalTamil NaduKVBL000113642 Main Road, , Kalappanaickenpatti-637404
KambainallurDharmapuriTamil NaduKVBL000113737 Bazaar Street, , Kambainallore-635202
KancheepuramKancheepuramTamil NaduKVBL0001138P.b.no. 15 18&18-a T.k.nambi Street, , Kancheepuram-631501
KaniyambadiVelloreTamil NaduKVBL0001139232 Bazaar Street, , Kaniyambadi-632102
KaripattiSalemTamil NaduKVBL00011401/50 Cuddalore Main Road, Salemdist, Tn, Karipatti-636106
KaruppurSalemTamil NaduKVBL00011415/3-29-b Main Road, , Karuppur-636012
Karur MainKarurTamil NaduKVBL0001142P.b.no 91 633-637 Jawahar Bazaar, , Karur-639001
Karur CentralKarurTamil NaduKVBL0001143P.b.no.92 65 Jawahar Bazaar, , Karur-639001
KavindapadyErodeTamil NaduKVBL00011448 Sathy Road, Kavindapadi, Kavindapadi-638455
KolathupalayamErodeTamil NaduKVBL000114580 Bhagavathi Amman Koil Street, Kolathupalayam, Unjalur-638152
KozhumamCoimbatoreTamil NaduKVBL00011468/24 Nehru Street, Coimbatore Dist. Tn, Kolumam-642204
KomarapalayamNamakkalTamil NaduKVBL0001147P.b.no.202 155-156 Salem Main Road, , Komarapalayam-638183
KombaiTheniTamil NaduKVBL0001148P.b. No. 3 60-a Gandhiji Street, , Kombai-625522
KovilpattiToothukudiTamil NaduKVBL0001149P.b. No. 27 868 Main Road, , Kovilpatti-628501
KulithalaiKarurTamil NaduKVBL0001150P.b. No. 3 4 Andar Main Road, , Kulithalai-639104
KumbakonamThanjavurTamil NaduKVBL0001151129, T.s.r.big Street, Kumbakonam-612001

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