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Kozhikode District Cooperative Bank offers NEFT services in these states/UTs:

Kozhikode District Cooperative Bank IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

Some branches of this bank:

Branch NameDistrictStateIFS CodeAddress
Rtgs-hoKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000001Kallai Road, Chalappuram.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673002
PuthiyaraKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000002Gokulam Building, Ram Mohan Road, Puthiyara.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 004
Calicut LadiesKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000003Csi Building, Bank Road, Kozhikode, Pin 673 001
Medical CollegeKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000004Hill View Building, Opp.dental College, Medical College, Kozhikode, Pin 673 008
MavoorKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000005Aysha Building, Mavoor.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 661
FerokeKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000006Pootheri Building, Feroke.p.o, Petta Road, Kozhikode, Pin 673 631
KunnamangalamKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000007Kunnamangalam.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 571
Vatakara MainKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000008Salala Building, Edodi, Vatakara, Kozhikode, Pin 673 101
Vatakara EveningKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000009Brothers Building, New Bus Stand, Vatakara, Kozhikode, Pin 673 101
NadapuramKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000010Kairali Complex, Kallachi.p.o, Nadapuram Via, Kozhikode, Pin 673 506
KoyilandyKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000011Kdc Bank Building, Koyilandy.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 305
BalusseryKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000012Kairali Road, Balussery.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 612
PerambraKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000013Alankar Arcade, I Floor, Kozhikode Road, P.o.perambra, Kozhikode, Pin 673 525
ThottilpalamKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000014Safa Buildings, Kavilumpara.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 113
ThamarasseryKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000015Alankar Towers, Near Ioc Petrol Pump, Chungam, P.o.thamarassery, Kozhikode, Pin 673 573
MalaparambaKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000016Ruby Plaza, Malaparamba.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 009
ThiruvallurThiruvallurKeralaKDCB0000017Thiruvallur.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 541
OrkkatteriKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000018Orkkatteri.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 501
VellayilKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000019Nadakkave.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 011
RamanattukaraKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000020N.v.complex, Ramanattukara.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 633
KakkodiKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000021Presidency Building, Kakkodi.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 611
PayyoliKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000022Meladi.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 522
AzhiyurKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000023Jp Complex, Near Cashew Corporation P.o.azhiyur, Kozhikode, Pin 673 309
VilliappallyKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000024Villiappally.p.o, Vatakara, Kozhikode, Pin 673 542
Mavoor RoadKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000025Sobha Tower, Near Kallyan Jwellers, Mavoor Road, Kozhikode, Pin 673 001
NadakkaveKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000026Iyyakkatt Building, West Nadakkave.p.o, Near English Church, Kozhikode, Pin 673 011
Cherooty RoadKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000027Koyappathodi Building, Cherootty Road, Kozhikode, Pin 673 032
PanniyankaraKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000028Palat Building, Kallai.p.o, Near Panniyankara Police Station, Panniyankara, Kozhikode, Pin 673 003
AtholiKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000029Kolloth Building, Govindanallur Temple Road, P.o.atholi, Kozhikode, Pin 673 315
Vatakara Convent RoadKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000030Gokulam Tower, I Floor, Queens Road, Vatakara, Kozhikode, Pin 673 101
WesthillKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000031Vallikka Building, West Hill.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 005
KinasseryKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000032Pokkunnu.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 007
AyancheryKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000033Ayancheri.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 544
KuttiadyKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000034Thekkekara Building, Maruthonkara Road, Kuttiaty, Kozhikode, Pin 673 508
MukkamMukkamKeralaKDCB0000036Aiswarya Complex, Mukkam, Kozhikode, Pin 673 601
ManiyurKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000037Mantharathur.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 105
Kallai Road EveningKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000038Kdc Bank Building, Chalappuram.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 002
Balussery EveningKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000039Main Road Balussery, Balussery.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 612
PantheerankaveKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000040Pantheerankave.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 019
NarikkuniKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000041Upera S Buildings, Narikkuni, Kozhikode, Pin 673585
MeppayurKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000042T.k Trade Centre, Meppayur, Kozhikode, Pin 673 523
BeypureKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000043Cpm Complex, Arakkinar.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 028
NaduvannurKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000044Raniya Complex, Naduvannur.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 614
MokeriKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000045C.p.k Complex, Mokeri.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 507
KoduvallyKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000046Karatte Building, I Floor, Near Thriveni Super Market, Koduvally.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 572
ParakkadavuKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000047Happy Complex, I Floor, Tippu Sulthan Road, Parakkadavu.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 509
Perambra EveningKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000048Alankar Arcade, I Floor, Kozhikode Road, P.o.perambra, Kozhikode, Pin 673 525
ElathurKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000049Leela Complex, Puthiyanirath, Puthiya Nirath, Elathur, Kozhikode, Pin 673 303
KodencheryKozhikodeKeralaKDCB000005010/538, Nellipoyil Road, P.o.kodenchery, Kozhikode, Pin 673 580
Service BranchKozhikodeKeralaKDCB0000051Kdc Bank Building, Kallai Road, Chalappuram.p.o, Kozhikode, Pin 673 002

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