Maharashtra - Maharashtra Gramin Bank IFSC Codes

Select the district of Maharashtra to find the IFSC code of Maharashtra Gramin Bank. Maharashtra Gramin Bank provides services in 49 districts and regions of Maharashtra.

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Same districts in our database might have two different names, so we recommend you to check all the name variations. We are working on fixing all the district names.

Maharashtra Gramin Bank offers services in these districts of Maharashtra:

Maharashtra Gramin Bank (Maharashtra) IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

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Some branches of Maharashtra Gramin Bank in Maharashtra:

Branch NameDistrictIFS CodeAddress
Rtgs-hoAurangabadMAHG0000001At Jivanshree Plot No 35 Sector G Town Centre Cidco Aurangabad 431005
Service CentreAurangabadMAHG00000SCAt Jivanshree Plot No 35 Sector G Town Centre Cidco Aurangabad 431005
Head OfficeAurangabadMAHG0004000At Jivanshree Plot No 35 Sector G Town Centre Cidco Aurangabad 431005
Regional Office NandedJalgaonMAHG0004100Regional Office Nanded Dr Kesrale Building Yashwant Nagar Pawdewadinaka Nanded
IslapurNandedMAHG0004101At Isalapur Tq Kinwat Dist Nanded
ArdhapurNagpurMAHG0004102At Ardhapur Tq Ardhapur Dist Nanded
ArjapurNandedMAHG0004103At Arjapur Tq Biloli Dist Nanded
BiloliNandedMAHG0004104At Biloli Tq Biloli Dist Nanded
BaradKrishnaMAHG0004105At Barad Tq Mudkhed Dist Nanded
BarbadaNandedMAHG0004106At Barbada Tq Naigaon Dist Nanded
BarulNandedMAHG0004107At Barul Tq Kandhar Dist Nanded
BetmograNandedMAHG0004108At Betmogra Tq Mukhed Dist Nanded
KasraliNandedMAHG0004109At Kasrali Tq Biloli Dist Nanded
BodhadiNandedMAHG0004110At Bodhadi Tq Kinwat Dist Nanded
ChandolaNandedMAHG0004111At Chandola Tq Mukhed Dist Nanded
DegloorNandedMAHG0004112At Degloor Tq Degloor Dist Nanded
Digras NNandedMAHG0004113At Digras N Tq Kandhar Dist Nanded
GadgaNandedMAHG0004114At Gadga Tq Naigaon Dist Nanded
HanegaonNandedMAHG0004115At Hanegaon Tq Degloor Dist Nanded
JahoorNandedMAHG0004116At Jahoor Tq Mukhed Dist Nanded
JambSataraMAHG0004118At Jamb Tq Mukhed Dist Nanded
DharmabadNandedMAHG0004119At Dharmabad Tq Dharmabad Dist Nanded
KamariNandedMAHG0004120At Kamari Tq Himaytnagr Dist Nanded
KandharNandedMAHG0004121At Kandhar Tq Kandhar Dist Nanded
KapsiNandedMAHG0004122At Kapsi Tq Loha Dist Nanded
KaradkhedNandedMAHG0004123At Karadkhed Tq Degloor Dist Nanded
KhatgaonNandedMAHG0004124At Khatgaon Tq Biloli Dist Nanded
KrushnurNandedMAHG0004125At Krushnur Tq Naigaon Dist Nanded
KunturNandedMAHG0004126At Kuntur Tq Naigaon Dist Nanded
LahanNandedMAHG0004127At Lahan Tq Ardhapur Dist Nanded
LimbgaonNandedMAHG0004128At Limbgaon Tq Nanded Dist Nanded
LohgaonNandedMAHG0004129At Lohgaon Tq Biloli Dist Nanded
MahurNandedMAHG0004130At Mahur Tq Mahur Dist Nanded
MalakoliNandedMAHG0004131At Malakoli Tq Loha Dist Nanded
MalegaonNashikMAHG0004132At Malegaon Tq Ardhapur Dist Nanded
ManathaNandedMAHG0004133At Manatha Tq Hadgaon Dist Nanded
MudkhedNandedMAHG0004134At Mudkhed Tq Mudkhed Dist Nanded
MukramabadNandedMAHG0004135At Mukramabad Tq Mukhed Dist Nanded
Bhagyanagar NandedNandedMAHG0004136At Bhagyanagar Nanded Tq Nanded Dist Nanded
OsmannagarNandedMAHG0004138At Osmannagar Tq Loha Dist Nanded
BhokarNandedMAHG0004139At Bhokar Tq Bhokar Dist Nanded
PethwadajNandedMAHG0004141At Pethwadaj Tq Kandhar Dist Nanded
HadgaonNandedMAHG0004142At Hadgaon Tq Hadgaon Dist Nanded
MukhedNandedMAHG0004143At Mukhed Tq Mukhed Dist Nanded
LohaNandedMAHG0004144At Loha Tq Loha Dist Nanded
Umari PethNandedMAHG0004145At Umari Peth Tq Umari Peth Dist Nanded
TalniNandedMAHG0004147At Talni Tq Hadgaon Dist Nanded
TamloorNandedMAHG0004148At Tamloor Tq Degloor Dist Nanded
Umri BazarNandedMAHG0004149At Umri Bazar Tq Kinwat Dist Nanded
WadepuriNandedMAHG0004150At Wadepuri Tq Loha Dist Nanded