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Select the district of Madhya Pradesh to find the IFSC code of Punjab National Bank. Punjab National Bank provides services in 61 districts and regions of Madhya Pradesh.

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Punjab National Bank offers services in these districts of Madhya Pradesh:

Punjab National Bank (Madhya Pradesh) IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

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Some branches of Punjab National Bank in Madhya Pradesh:

Branch NameDistrictIFS CodeAddress
Ashok NagarGunaPUNB0002700Bilala Mill Road, Ashok Nagar
Balaghat, Distt. Balaghat (madBalaghatPUNB0003800Balaghat
Bhopal Marwari Road (manormagaBhopalPUNB0005400Marwari Road Distt. Bhopal (madhya Pradesh)
Burhanpur, Gujrati Samaj BuildBurhanpurPUNB0007400Gujrati Samaj Market , Burha Pur(m.p>)
Betul Civil Lines, Distt. BetuBetulPUNB0008100(madhya Pradesh)
Chhindwara, Distt. ChhindwaraChhindwaraPUNB0008300Station Road, Chhindwara
GunaGunaPUNB0018600A B Road, Guna
Harda, Distt. HoshiangabadHardaPUNB0020800Goyal Chamber Main Road, Harda
Indore Sitla Mata Bazar, DisttIndorePUNB002120036, Sitlamata Bazar
Indore SiyaganjIndorePUNB0021300Gg Tower, 24 Mg Road
ItarsiHoshangabadPUNB0021400Jai Stambh Chowk
Jabalpur Jawaharganj, Distt. JJabalpurPUNB0021700(madhya Pradesh)
Jabalpur Cantt Sadar Bazar,JabalpurPUNB0021800Distt. Jabalpur (madhya Pradesh)
Katni, Distt. Jabalpur (madhyaKatniPUNB0026300Station Road
KhandwaSehorePUNB0026400Near Town Hall
Khargone, Distt. Nirmar WestKhargonePUNB00287009 Radhavllabh Market, Kharone
Lashkar Naya Bazar, Distt. GwaGwaliorPUNB0029000(madhya Pradesh)
Lashkar Sarafa Bazar, Distt. GGwaliorPUNB0029100Sarafa Bazar
MandlaMandlaPUNB0031000Ambedkar Ward, Mandla
Mhow Cannt, Distt. IndoreIndorePUNB0032100Mhow Main Street
Morar, Distt. Gwalior (madhyaGwaliorPUNB0032800Mall Road, Morar
Mandsaur(main)MandsaurPUNB0033600Opp. Ghantaghar
Neemuch CanttNeemuchPUNB0036400Kamal Chowk
Ratlam, Distt. Ratlam (mp)RatlamPUNB0040900Dhanmandi
Sagar, Distt. Sagar (mp)SagarPUNB0042000Katra Bazar Sagar, 244329
Satna, Krishna NagarSatnaPUNB0044500Krishna Nagar
Sehore, Distt. Sehore (mp)SehorePUNB0044700Charkha Lane
Ujjain, Distt. Ujjain (mp)UjjainPUNB0045900Ujjain, Distt. Ujjain (mp)
Seoni, Distt. Seoni (madhya PrSeoniPUNB0049000Jinna Chowk, Kazi Ward
Rewa, Distt. Rewa (madhya PradRewaPUNB0049100Prakash Chouraha Venkat Road
Amla Depot, Distt. Betul (mp)BetulPUNB0050600Near Air Force Depot Bodki
Amlaha, Distt. Sehore (mp)SehorePUNB0052600Vill & Po Amlaha
BinaSagarPUNB0053200Station Road, Bina
Biaora, Distt. Rajgarh (mp)RajgarhPUNB0053600Ab Road Distt.rajgarh
Bairagarh, Bhopal (mp)BhopalPUNB0056300Bairagarh, Bhopal (mp)
Bhopal Tt Nagar, Distt, BhopalBhopalPUNB0059100Bhopal Tt Nagar, Distt, Bhopal
Basai, Distt. Datia (mp)DatiaPUNB0059700Basai Distt Datia
Baronikhurd, Distt. Datia (mpDatiaPUNB0059900Baroni Khurd Distt Datia
Datia, Distt. Datia (mp)DatiaPUNB0063800Gandhi Road Datia
Doraha Dist Sehore, Distt. SehDorahaPUNB0064300Doraha Distt Sehore
Ganj Basoda, Distt. Vidisha (mSeoniPUNB0068000Station Road, Ganjbasoda
Indergarh, Distt. Datia (mp)DatiaPUNB0069800Indergarh Distt Ddatia
Indore, ManormaganjIndorePUNB0069900Indore Manormaganj, Distt. Ind
Jabalpur Nagpur Road, Distt. JJabalpurPUNB0070800(mp)
Masoodpur, Distt. Vidisha (mp)VidishaPUNB0078700Masoodpur Distt Vidisha
Malthone, Distt. Sagar (mp)SagarPUNB0078800Malthone Distt Sagar
Pipariya, Distt. Hoshingabad (UmariaPUNB0081800Cement Road
Seondha, Distt. Datia (mp)DatiaPUNB0086600Seondha Distt Datia
Sirmour, RewaRewaPUNB0086800Sirmour
Teonthar, Distt. Rewa (mp)RewaPUNB0087600Teonthar