Rajasthan Marudhara Gramin Bank IFSC Code

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Rajasthan Marudhara Gramin Bank offers NEFT services in these states/UTs:

Rajasthan Marudhara Gramin Bank IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

Some branches of this bank:

Branch NameDistrictStateIFS CodeAddress
Rtgs-hoJodhpurRajasthanRMGB0000001Tulsi Tower, 3 Floor, 9th B Road, Sardarpura, Jodhpur
AuwaAuwaRajasthanRMGB0000002Near Bus Stand, Auwa
BagolBagolRajasthanRMGB0000003Near Bus Stand, Bagol
BalaraBalaraRajasthanRMGB0000004Near Bus Stand, Balada
BaliBaliRajasthanRMGB0000005Main Market, Bali
BalundaBalundaRajasthanRMGB0000006Near Bus Stand, Balunda
BankliBankliRajasthanRMGB0000007Near Bus Stand, Bankli
BarPaliRajasthanRMGB0000008Jaitaran Road, Bar
BeraBeraRajasthanRMGB0000009Near Bus Stand, Bera
Bhanwri PBhanwri PRajasthanRMGB0000010Near Bus Stand, Bhanwari
BhanderBhanderRajasthanRMGB0000011Main Market, Bhandar
BhatundBhatundRajasthanRMGB0000012Near Bus Stand, Bhatund
BilawasBilawasRajasthanRMGB0000013Near Bus Stand, Bilawas
BisalpurBisalpurRajasthanRMGB0000014Near Bus Stand, Bisalpur
BoosiBoosiRajasthanRMGB0000015Near Bus Stand, Boosi
ChamunderiChamunderiRajasthanRMGB0000016Near Bus Stand, Chamunderi
ChandawalPaliRajasthanRMGB0000017Near Bus Stand, Chandawal
ChangChangRajasthanRMGB0000018Near Bus Stand, Chang
ChanodChanodRajasthanRMGB0000019Near Bus Stand, Chanod
CharwasCharwasRajasthanRMGB0000020Near Bus Stand, Charwas
DendaDendaRajasthanRMGB0000021Main Market, Denda
Deoli AuwaDeoli AuwaRajasthanRMGB0000022Near Bus Stand, Devli Auwa
Devli KalanDevli KalanRajasthanRMGB0000023Near Gram Panchayat, Devli Kalan
DesuriPaliRajasthanRMGB0000024Main Market, Desuri
DhanlaDhanlaRajasthanRMGB0000025Near Bus Stand, Dhanla
DholaDholaRajasthanRMGB0000026Main Road, Dhola
FalnaPaliRajasthanRMGB0000027Bali Road, Near Hr. Sec. School, Falna
GhaneraoGhaneraoRajasthanRMGB0000028Main Market, Ghanerao
GiriGiriRajasthanRMGB0000029Near Bus Stand, Giri
Guda EndlaGuda EndlaRajasthanRMGB0000030Main Market Guda Endla
GundojGundojRajasthanRMGB0000031Main Market, Gundoj
JadanJadanRajasthanRMGB0000032Main Road, Nh- 14, Jadan
JaitaranPaliRajasthanRMGB0000033Near Bus Stand Jodhpur Road, Lambiya
JawaliJawaliRajasthanRMGB0000034Main Bus Stand, Jawali
JaitpurJaitpurRajasthanRMGB0000035Mandawas Road, Jaitpur
JhintraJhintraRajasthanRMGB0000036Near Bus Stand, Jhintra
JojawarPaliRajasthanRMGB0000037Near Bus Stand, Jojawar
KantaliyaKantaliyaRajasthanRMGB0000038Near Bus Stand, Kantaliya
KhairwaKhairwaRajasthanRMGB0000039Near Bus Stand, Kherwa
KhimelKhimelRajasthanRMGB0000040Near Bus Stand, Rani Road, Khimel
KhinwaraKhinwaraRajasthanRMGB0000041Near Bus Stand, Somesar Road, Khinwada
KhiwandiKhiwandiRajasthanRMGB0000042Main Market, Netra Road, Khiwandi
KhodKhodRajasthanRMGB0000043Near Bus Stand, Khod
KhusalpuraKhusalpuraRajasthanRMGB0000044Near Gram Panchayat, Kushalpura
KoselaoKoselaoRajasthanRMGB0000045Near Gram Panchayat, Koselao
LambiyaLambiyaRajasthanRMGB0000046Merta Road Bus Stand
LunawaLunawaRajasthanRMGB0000047Main Market, Lunwa
MandawasMandawasRajasthanRMGB0000048Near Bus Stand, Balotra Road, Mandawas
Marwar JunctionPaliRajasthanRMGB0000049Near Auwa Railway Crossing, Marwar Junction
MundaraMundaraRajasthanRMGB0000050Main Road, Mundara

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