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Select the district of Jammu and Kashmir to find the IFSC code of State Bank of India. State Bank of India provides services in 31 districts and regions of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Same districts in our database might have two different names, so we recommend you to check all the name variations. We are working on fixing all the district names.

State Bank of India offers services in these districts of Jammu and Kashmir:

State Bank of India (Jammu and Kashmir) IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

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Some branches of State Bank of India in Jammu and Kashmir:

Branch NameDistrictIFS CodeAddress
Hari MarketJammuSBIN0000657Hari Market, Near Bus Stand, Jammu, J And K
SrinagarSrinagarSBIN0000722Residency Rd., Srinagar
Zonal Office JammuJammuSBIN0001104Regional Office Jammu
UdhampurUdhampurSBIN0001186Dhar Rd., Udhampur, J And K
Purani MandiJammuSBIN0001291Old Hospital Road Jda Complex Jammu Tawi, Jammu And Kashmir 180001
Badshah ChowkSrinagarSBIN0001292Srinagar Jammu And Kashmir
BandipurBaramulaSBIN0001362Distt Baramullahbandipur
LehLehSBIN0001365Distladakh Jammu And Kashmir 194101
KargilKargilSBIN0001390Distkargil Jammu And Kashmir 194103
KarnahKupwaraSBIN0001391Distkupwara, Jammu Nad Kashmir 193225
BaramullaBaramulaSBIN0001477Distt Baramulla Jammu And Kashmir 190052
AnantnagAnantnagSBIN0001478Dt Anantnag Jammu And Kashmir Pin 192101
Barzulla I.eSrinagarSBIN0001527Srinagar, Kashmir, Badgam, Jammu And Kashmir, Pin 176303
SoporeBaramullaSBIN0001570Distbaramulla Jammu And Kashmir 193201
Adb AnantnagAnantnagSBIN0001678Dist Anantnag, Jammu And Kashmir
SouraSrinagarSBIN0001860Srinagar State Jammu And Kashmir Pin190011
Badami Bagh Cantt SrinagarSrinagarSBIN0002295Badami.bagh.cantonment, Srinagar.pin.190001
BadgamBadgamSBIN0002297Dist Badgam, Jammu Nad Kashmir 191111
BanihalRambanSBIN0002303Dist Doda, Jammu And Kashmir 182146
BatoteDodaSBIN0002307Dist Doda, Jammu And Kashmir, 184143
BillawarKathuaSBIN0002318Dist Kathua, Jammu Nad Kashmir 184204
DayalachakKathuaSBIN0002331Distkathua Jammu And Kashmir 184144
GanderbalSrinagarSBIN0002344Srinagar Jammu And Kashmir 191201
GarhiUdhampurSBIN0002346Distudhampur Jammu And Kashmir 182101
Jammu CanttJammuSBIN0002367Jammu, Jk, Pin.180003
Jawahar NgrSrinagarSBIN0002370Srinagar, Jammu And Kashmir, Pin 190008
Kachi Chawni JammuJammuSBIN0002374Jammuj K Distjammu, Jammu Kashmir 180001 180001
Karan NagarSrinagarSBIN0002384Srinagar Jammu And Kashmir
Industrial Estate KathuaKathuaSBIN0002386Dist Kathua, Jammu And Kashmir 180001
MendharPoonchSBIN0002417Dist Poonch, Jammu Nad Kashmir 185211
NowsheraRajouriSBIN0002441Dist Rajouristate Jammu And Kashmirpin 185151
PahalgamAnantnagSBIN0002445Distanantnag Jammu And Kashmir 192126
PalhalanBaramulaSBIN0002447Baramullastate Jammu And Kashmirpin 193021
PulwamaPulwamaSBIN0002451Dist Pulwama, Jammu Nad Kashmir 192301
RainwariSrinagarSBIN0002454Srinagar, Jammu And Kashmir, Pin 190003
RambanDodaSBIN0002456District Doda, Jammu And Kashmir 182144
RamnagarUdhampurSBIN0002457Distudhampur Jammu And Kashmir 182122
R E C SrinagarSrinagarSBIN0002460Distsrinagar Jammu And Kashmir 190006
SunderbaniRajouriSBIN0002491Dist Rajouri, Jammu And Kashmir 185153
Talab Tillo JammuJammuSBIN0002494Jammu, Jk, Pin.180002
Gandhinagar, JammuGandhinagarSBIN0003132Jammu And Kashmir, Pin 180004
DodaDodaSBIN0003198Distdoda Jammu And Kashmir 182202
Adb KathuaKathuaSBIN0003233Kathua Jammu And Kashmir 184101