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Select the district of Nagaland to find the IFSC code of State Bank of India. State Bank of India provides services in 11 districts and regions of Nagaland.

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Same districts in our database might have two different names, so we recommend you to check all the name variations. We are working on fixing all the district names.

State Bank of India offers services in these districts of Nagaland:

State Bank of India (Nagaland) IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

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Some branches of State Bank of India in Nagaland:

Branch NameDistrictIFS CodeAddress
DimapurDimapurSBIN0000072Dist Dimapur, Nagaland 797001
KohimaKohimaSBIN0000214Kohima, Nagaland, Pin 797001
MokokchungMokokchungSBIN0001193Dist Mokokchung State Nagaland Pin 796001
TuensangTuensangSBIN0001328Dist, Tuensangstate, Nagalandpin, 7986
Tuli Paper MillMokokchungSBIN0002132Dist, Mokokchungstate, Nagalandpin, 798618
PhekPhekSBIN0002610Dist Phek, Nagaland 797108
ZunhebotoZunhebotoSBIN0003593Dist Zunhebotoagaland
Dimapur BazarDimapurSBIN0003598Dhabinalla, P.o.dimapur, Kohima, Nagaland, Pin 797112
MonMonSBIN0003604Dist Mon, Nagaland798601
PfutseroPhekSBIN0005370Dist, Phekstate, Nagalandpin, 797107,
ZakhamaKohimaSBIN0005558Dist Kohima, Nagaland 797001
NaginimoraMonSBIN0005627Dist Mon, Nagaland 798622
KiphireKiphireSBIN0005806Dist, Kiphire, Nagaland, 796611
ChareTuensangSBIN0005810Dist Tuensang, Nagaland 798601
AghunatoZunhebotoSBIN0005831Dist Zunhebotonagaland
BaghtyWokhaSBIN0005833Dist, Wokhastate, Nagaland
MongkolembaMokokchungSBIN0005839Dist Mokokchung, Nagaland 796001
NoklakTuensangSBIN0005840Dist, Tuensangstate, Nagaland
TseminyuKohimaSBIN0005845Dist Kohima, Nagaland 797109
ChozubaPhekSBIN0006008Phek, Nagaland 797107
ChuchuyimlangMokokchungSBIN0006183Dist Mokokchung, Nagaland 797107
Tuli TownMokokchungSBIN0006297Dist, Mokokchungstate, Nagalandpin, 798618,
JalukiePerenSBIN0006482Dist Peren, Nagaland 797110
Kohima BazarKohimaSBIN0006485Kohima, Nagaland, Pin - 797001
RangapaharDimapurSBIN0006486Dimapur State Nagaland Pin 797112
Mokokchung BazarMokokchungSBIN0006510Mokokchungbazaar
MelluriPhekSBIN0006565Dist Phek, Nagaland 797114
Medziphema AdbDimapurSBIN0006759Medziphema
ChedemaKohimaSBIN0007310Dist Kohima, Nagaland 797001
AkulatoZunhebotoSBIN0007349Dist Zunheboto, Nagaland 798626
SatakhaZunhebotoSBIN0007424Dist Zunheboto, Nagaland 798629
BhandariWokhaSBIN0007444Dist, Wokha, Nagaland, 362248
ChumukedimaDimapurSBIN0007543Dimapur Nagaland 797107
Rangapahar Army CantonmentDimapurSBIN0007761Dist Kohima, Nagaland 797112
Dimapur Evening BranchDimapurSBIN0008068Church Road, Dimapur, Kohima, Nagaland, Pin 797112
LerieKohimaSBIN0008306P.o.kohima, Pin797001
Regional Business Office, DimapurDimapurSBIN0008777Dist Dimapurstate Nagalandpin 797112
LongkhimTuensangSBIN0008881Dist Tuensang, Nagaland 798616
DoyangWokhaSBIN0009351Dist, Wokha, Nagaland, 789112
ChangpangWokhaSBIN0009428Dist, Wokha, Nagaland, 797111
Nagaland Secretariat, KohimaKohimaSBIN0010671Nagaland Sectt Complex, Kohima, Nagaland
Purana BazarDimapurSBIN0010762Purana Bazarnaharbaripo Dimapur East
Old MarketDimapurSBIN0011629Dist Dimapur State Nagaland
Golaghat RoadDimapurSBIN0011630Dist Dimapurstate Nagaland
AboiDimapurSBIN0012266Aboi, Mon, Nagaland 798603
SukhoviDimapurSBIN0012267Sukhovi, Dimapur, Nagaland 797115
LumamiMokokchungSBIN0013380P.o.mokokchung, Zunheboto District, Nagaland 798601