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Select the district of Himachal Pradesh to find the IFSC code of UCO Bank. UCO Bank provides services in 30 districts and regions of Himachal Pradesh.

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The form has a search box. Just type initial letters of the district of Himachal Pradesh to get the IFSC code. Click on your district and you'll be redirected to another page to choose your branch of UCO Bank. If you do not find your district in the form above, please search it on the list below.

Same districts in our database might have two different names, so we recommend you to check all the name variations. We are working on fixing all the district names.

UCO Bank offers services in these districts of Himachal Pradesh:

UCO Bank (Himachal Pradesh) IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

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Some branches of UCO Bank in Himachal Pradesh:

Branch NameDistrictIFS CodeAddress
Shimla MainShimlaUCBA0000078Karol House, The Mall, Shimla - 171 001, 171000
ThanedharShimlaUCBA0000188Uco Bankthanedhar 172030
RohruSimlaUCBA0000358Rohrurohru 171207
Kandaghat - HpSolanUCBA0000391Kandaghat Disttsolan 173215
Arki - ShimlaSolanUCBA0000392Dist. - Solan, Himachal Pradesh 173208
NarkandaSimlaUCBA0000393V& Po Narkanda, Tehsilkumarhsain, Dist. Shiml 171213
ChopalShimlaUCBA0000411Uco Bankchopal 171211
GhumarwinBilaspurUCBA0000413Ghumarwin Bilaspurhp 174021
RainkaShimlaUCBA0000423Uco Bankrainka Branch 173022
Nahan-shimlaSirmourUCBA0000444The Mall, Nayabazardistt Sirmur 173001
Bilaspur - DharamshalaBilaspurUCBA0000463Bilaspur Dharamshalahp 174001
Rajgarh BranchRajgarhUCBA0000513Rajgarh Village & Porajgarh, Distt-sirmour 173101
KumarhattiShimlaUCBA0000516Vpo Kumarhatti, Dist Solan 173229
DhalliShimlaUCBA0000564Dhallidhalli 171012
Kasumpti - ShimlaShimlaUCBA0000565Commercial Complex, Zonal Centre, Kasumpti 171009
JukhalaBilaspurUCBA0000581V&po Jukhaladistt-bilaspur 174033
Solan-shimlaSolanUCBA0000649The Mall, Po Solandistt Solan 173212
Barotiwala-solan-shimlaSolanUCBA0000654Industrial Estatebarotiwala, Distt Solan 174103
ManaliKuluUCBA0000690Po Manalikulu-175 131 175131
ShillaiImuUCBA0000762Uco Bankshillai 173027
SangrahSirmourUCBA0000763Uco Banksangrah 173023
JhanduttaBilaspurUCBA0000767V & Po Jhandutta, Distbilaspur 174031
BerthinBilaspurUCBA0000802Vill & Po Berthindist. Bilaspur 174019
Mandi School RoadMandiUCBA0000832School Bazar Mandi, Sadar, Mandi 175001
ChandiChandiUCBA0000858Vpo Chandi, Tehsilkasauli, Dist Solan 173206
NankheriShimlaUCBA0000862Vpo & Sub-tehsil Nankh-eri, Dist Shimla 172021
SataunSirmourUCBA0000863Uco Banksataun 173029
DhundanSolanUCBA0000864Vpo Dhundan, Tehsilarki, Distt. Solan 171102
MarawogShimlaUCBA0000867Vpo Marawog, Teh Chopaldistt. Shimla 171211
ChirgaonShimlaUCBA0000902Vpo & Tehsil Chirgaondist. Shimla 171208
Rambazar - ShimlaShimlaUCBA0000925Ram Bazar, Ram Mandirshimla 171001
BadripurSirmourUCBA0000965V-badripur, Po-poantasahib, Dist-sirmour 173025
RaisonKulluUCBA0000967Uco Bankraison Branch 175128
TikkarShimlaUCBA0000968Uco Banktikkar 171203
NauniSolanUCBA0000969Uco Banknauni Branch 173230
GarliHamirpurUCBA0000970Uco Bankgarli 177108
Nigam Vihar - ShimlaShimlaUCBA0000981Nigam Viharshimla 171002
ParwanooSolanUCBA0000987Bank Aquare, Sector I, Parwanoo 160220
DhargauraShimlaUCBA0000988Uco Bankdhargaura 172002
Sakori ChailSolanUCBA0000995Uco Banksakori Chail Branch 173217
BirtaKangraUCBA0001023Birtabirta 176001
BijhariHamirpurUCBA0001024V & Po Bijhari, Distthamirpur 176040
BhoranjHamirpurUCBA0001041Uco Bankbhoranj Branch 176045
LambagaonKangraUCBA0001068Uco Banklambagaon 176096
KotkhaiShimlaUCBA0001075V & Po Kotkhaidistt. Shimla 171202
SwarghatBilaspurUCBA0001096Uco Bankswarghat 174011
BaghiShimlaUCBA0001141Vpo Baghi, Disttshimla 171225
KulluKulluUCBA0001147Kullukullu 175101
HamirpurHamirpurUCBA0001150Dev Paul Chowk, Hamirpur 177001
DharamshalaKangraUCBA0001151Dharamshaladharamshala 176215