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Vijaya Bank offers NEFT services in these states/UTs:

Vijaya Bank IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

Some branches of this bank:

Branch NameDistrictStateIFS CodeAddress
Adugodi BangaloreBangalore UrbanKarnatakaVIJB0001001Adugodi Bangalore, P B No 8227, 29 Hosur Road, Bangalore, Karnataka
Aldur KarnatakaNorth 24 ParganasKarnatakaVIJB0001002Aldur Karnataka, Main Road, Aldur, Aldur, Karnataka, Karnataka
Alpe Padil MangaloreDakshina KannadaKarnatakaVIJB0001003Alpe Padil Mangalore, Sriram Complex, Padil Junction, Mangalore, Karnataka
Alur KarnatakaBijapurKarnatakaVIJB0001004Alur Karnataka, Main Road, Alur, Alur, Karnataka, Karnataka
Anagodu KarnatakaMysoreKarnatakaVIJB0001005Anagodu Karnataka, Pune B'lore Road, Anagodu, Anagodu, Karnataka, Karnataka
Annigeri KarnatakaDharwadKarnatakaVIJB0001006Annigeri Karnataka, Main Bazar, Annigeri, Annigeri, Karnataka, Karnataka
Ardi KarnatakaUdupiKarnatakaVIJB0001007Ardi Karnataka, S K Road, Ardi, Ardi, Karnataka, Karnataka
Arsikere KarnatakaHassanKarnatakaVIJB0001008Arsikere Karnataka, P B No 42, 1558 B H Road, Arsikere, Karnataka, Karnataka
Ashoknagar MangaloreDakshina KannadaKarnatakaVIJB0001009Ashoknagar Mangalore, M U D A Building, Kulur Ferry Road, Mangalore, Karnataka
Athikaribettu KarnatakaDakshina KannadaKarnatakaVIJB0001010Athikaribettu Karnataka, Main Road, Athikaribettu, Athikaribettu, Karnataka, Karnataka
Athradi KarnatakaUdupiKarnatakaVIJB0001011Athradi Karnataka, Athradi, Udupi Taluk, Athradi, Karnataka, Karnataka
B C Road KarnatakaDakshina KannadaKarnatakaVIJB0001012B C Road Karnataka, Post Jodumarga, B C Road, Jodumarga, Karnataka, Karnataka
Bableshwar KarnatakaBijapurKarnatakaVIJB0001013Bableshwar Karnataka, Gram Panchayat Bldg, M G Road, Bableshwar, Karnataka, Karnataka
Baburayankoppal KarnatakaMandyaKarnatakaVIJB0001014Baburayankoppal Karnataka, Main Road, Baburayankoppal, Baburayankoppal, Karnataka, Karnataka
Badaga Mijar KarnatakaDakshina KannadaKarnatakaVIJB0001015Badaga Mijar Karnataka, Badaga Mijar, Post Mijar, Badaga Mijar, Karnataka, Karnataka
Badanidiyoor KarnatakaUdupiKarnatakaVIJB0001016Badanidiyoor Karnataka, Satya Deep Bldg, Badanidiyoor, Badanidiyoor, Karnataka, Karnataka
Bagalkot KarnatakaBagalkotKarnatakaVIJB0001017Bagalkot Karnataka, P B No 60, Venkat Peth, Bagalkot, Karnataka, Karnataka
Balale KarnatakaMadikeriKarnatakaVIJB0001018Balale Karnataka, Jaihind Bldg, Balale, Balale, Karnataka, Karnataka
Ballupet KarnatakaHassanKarnatakaVIJB0001019Ballupet Karnataka, B M Road, Ballupet, Ballupet, Karnataka, Karnataka
Banashankari BangaloreBangalore UrbanKarnatakaVIJB0001020Banashankari Bangalore, 334/22, 1st Main, 41st Cross, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka
Banhatti KarnatakaBagalkotKarnatakaVIJB0001021Banhatti Karnataka, No 5612 Anugraha, Thammanna Road, Banhatti, Karnataka, Karnataka
Basavapatna KarnatakaHassanKarnatakaVIJB0001022Basavapatna Karnataka, River Street, Basavapatna, Basavapatna, Karnataka, Karnataka
Bejjavalli KarnatakaShimogaKarnatakaVIJB0001023Bejjavalli Karnataka, Bejjavalli, Thirthahalli Tq, Bejjavalli, Karnataka, Karnataka
Belagur KarnatakaChitradurgaKarnatakaVIJB0001024Belagur Karnataka, Near Bus Stand, Belagur, Belagur, Karnataka, Karnataka
Ramdevgalli BelgaumBelgaumKarnatakaVIJB0001025Ramdevgalli Belgaum, P B No 124, 1705 Ramdevgalli, Belgaum, Karnataka
Bellare KarnatakaDakshina KannadaKarnatakaVIJB0001026Bellare Karnataka, Kumbra Ninthikal-, Road Bellare, Bellare, Karnataka, Karnataka
Bellary KarnatakaBellaryKarnatakaVIJB0001027Bellary Karnataka, Priya Complex, Ananthpur Road, Bellary, Karnataka, Karnataka
Belmannu KarnatakaUdupiKarnatakaVIJB0001028Belmannu Karnataka, Indrabhavan Bldg, Belmannu, Belmannu, Karnataka, Karnataka
Belthangadi KarnatakaDakshina KannadaKarnatakaVIJB0001029Belthangadi Karnataka, P B No 2, Belthangadi, Belthangadi, Karnataka, Karnataka
Bendoor MangaloreDakshina KannadaKarnatakaVIJB0001030Bendoor Mangalore, Vasmahal Building, Bendoor, Mangalore, Karnataka
Besagarahalli KarnatakaMandyaKarnatakaVIJB0001031Besagarahalli Karnataka, Near Bus Stand, Besagarahalli, Besagarahalli, Karnataka, Karnataka
B H Road BhadravathiShimogaKarnatakaVIJB0001032B H Road Bhadravathi, P B No 315, 6th Cross, Bhadravathi, Karnataka
Bhatkal KarnatakaUttara KannadaKarnatakaVIJB0001033Bhatkal Karnataka, Sulthan Street, Bhatkal, Bhatkal, Karnataka, Karnataka
Bijapur KarnatakaBijapurKarnatakaVIJB0001034Bijapur Karnataka, P B No 44, Mangal Karyalaya, Bijapur, Karnataka, Karnataka
Birur KarnatakaNorth 24 ParganasKarnatakaVIJB0001035Birur Karnataka, B H Road, Birur, Birur, Karnataka, Karnataka
Bondel MangaloreDakshina KannadaKarnatakaVIJB0001036Bondel Mangalore, S S Meml Complex, Bondel, Mangalore, Karnataka
Brahmavar KarnatakaUdupiKarnatakaVIJB0001037Brahmavar Karnataka, P B No 21, Brahmavar, Brahmavar, Karnataka, Karnataka
Brigade Road BangaloreBangalore UrbanKarnatakaVIJB0001038Brigade Road Bangalore, Nilgiri's Bldg, 11 Brigade Road, Bangalore, Karnataka
Broadway HubliDharwadKarnatakaVIJB0001039Broadway Hubli, Corporation Bldg, Broadway, Hubli, Karnataka
Byatarayanapura BangaloreBangalore UrbanKarnatakaVIJB0001040Byatarayanapura Bangalore, C M C Premises, Bellary Road, Bangalore, Karnataka
Byndoor KarnatakaUdupiKarnatakaVIJB0001041Byndoor Karnataka, P B No 1, Main Road, Byndoor, Karnataka, Karnataka
Chachadi KarnatakaBelgaumKarnatakaVIJB0001042Chachadi Karnataka, 24/a Chachadi, Saudatti Taluk, Chachadi, Karnataka, Karnataka
Chamarajnagar KarnatakaChamarajanagarKarnatakaVIJB0001043Chamarajnagar Karnataka, P B No 1, Agrahara Street, Chamarajnagar, Karnataka, Karnataka
Channapatna KarnatakaBangalore RuralKarnatakaVIJB0001044Channapatna Karnataka, Chaya Market, M G Road, Channapatna, Karnataka, Karnataka
Changadihalli KarnatakaHassanKarnatakaVIJB0001045Changadihalli Karnataka, Changadihalli, Via-yeslur, Changadihalli, Karnataka, Karnataka
Chickmagalur KarnatakaNorth 24 ParganasKarnatakaVIJB0001046Chickmagalur Karnataka, Naidu Complex, Indira Gandhi Road, Chickmagalur, Karnataka, Karnataka
City Mangalore MangaloreDakshina KannadaKarnatakaVIJB0001047City Mangalore Mangalore, P B No 155, Catholic Centre Bldg, Mangalore, Karnataka
Kundapur KarnatakaUdupiKarnatakaVIJB0001048Kundapur Karnataka, P B No 21, New Brindavan Bldg, Kundapur, Karnataka, Karnataka
Dabaspet KarnatakaBangalore RuralKarnatakaVIJB0001049Dabaspet Karnataka, Dabaspet, Nelamangala Tq, Dabaspet, Karnataka, Karnataka
Daddi KarnatakaBelgaumKarnatakaVIJB0001050Daddi Karnataka, Bhandurgi Bldg, Daddi, Daddi, Karnataka, Karnataka

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