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Select the district of Odisha to find the IFSC code of Yes Bank. Yes Bank provides services in 52 districts and regions of Odisha.

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Same districts in our database might have two different names, so we recommend you to check all the name variations. We are working on fixing all the district names.

Yes Bank offers services in these districts of Odisha:

Yes Bank (Odisha) IFSC code is a 11 digits long alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a bank branch. Its full form is Indian Financial System Code and it facilitates NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions.

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Some branches of Yes Bank in Odisha:

Branch NameDistrictIFS CodeAddress
Rourkela - OrissaSundergarhYESB0000081Ground Floor, Holding No 72, Plot No 304 Udit Nagar, Main Road, Rourkela, Orissa-769012
Bhubaneshwar, OrissaKhurdaYESB000009331 Bapuji Nagar, , , Bhubaneshwar, Orissa-751007
Puri, OrissaPuriYESB0000252Ground Floor, Plot No 223, , Harihar Square, Vip Road, , Puri, Orissa-752002
CuttuckCuttackYESB0000612Ground Floor, 1/a/14/6, Kailash Plaza, Link Road, Cuttuck, Orissa-753001
Sambalpur, OdishaSambalpurYESB0001054Yes Bank Ltd, Swagat Building, Upper Ground Floor, Khata No. 733/522, Plot No. 166/3049, Mouza Sambalpur Town Unit No. 14 (danipali), Ainthapali, Sambalpur 768004
Baramunda, BhubaneswarKhurdaYESB0001066Yes Bank Ltd. Ground Floor, Pgl City Mart Plot No. M-15, Near Fire Station Square, Revenue Plot No. 10(part) And 12 (part) Baramunda, Bhubaneswar - 751003 Odisha
Angul Central Coop Bank MainAngulYESB0ACCB01At/po-angul 759122
Angul Central Coop Bank MahilaAngulYESB0ACCB02At/po-angul 759122
Angul Central Coop Bank EveAngulYESB0ACCB03At/po-angul 759122
Angul Central Coop Bank BanarpalAngulYESB0ACCB04At - Banarpal 759145
Angul Central Coop Bank TalcherAngulYESB0ACCB05Hatatota 759107
Angul Central Coop Bank KanihaAngulYESB0ACCB06Bijigola 759117
Angul Central Coop Bank NandiraAngulYESB0ACCB07N S Nagar, Bharatpur 759148
Angul Central Coop Bank BoindaAngulYESB0ACCB08Kishoreganj 759127
Angul Central Coop Bank AthamalikAngulYESB0ACCB09At/po-athamallik 759125
Angul Central Coop Bank DhenkanalDhenkanalYESB0ACCB10Rathagada 759001
Angul Central Coop Bank HindolDhenkanalYESB0ACCB11Hindol 759002
Angul Central Coop Bank KamkhyangrDhenkanalYESB0ACCB12Kamakhyanagar 759018
Angul Central Coop Bank BhubanDhenkanalYESB0ACCB13Bhuban 759017
Angul Central Coop Bank GondiaGondiaYESB0ACCB14Gondiapatana 759016
Angul Central Coop Bank PallaharaAngulYESB0ACCB15Pallahada 759019
Angul Central Coop Bank ChhendipadaAngulYESB0ACCB16Chhendipada 759124
Angul Central Coop Bank ParjangDhenkanalYESB0ACCB17Parjang 759120
Berhampur Coop Urban Bank LtdGanjamYESB0BAMCUBNear Purana Market, Berhampur - 760001
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb Head OfficeBalasoreYESB0BBCB00O.t.road 756001
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb SadarBalasoreYESB0BBCB01O T Road 756001
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb RemunaBalasoreYESB0BBCB02Remuna 756019
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb BastaBalassoreYESB0BBCB03Basta 756029
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb BaliapalBaleshwarYESB0BBCB04Baliapal 756026
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb JaleswarBalasoreYESB0BBCB05Jaleswar 756032
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb BhograiBaleshwarYESB0BBCB06Bhograi 756085
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb NilgiriBalasoreYESB0BBCB07Nilgiri 756040
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb BahanagaBalasoreYESB0BBCB08Bahanaga 756044
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb SoroBalasoreYESB0BBCB09Soro 756045
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb SimuliaBalasoreYESB0BBCB10Simulia 756126
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb KhairaKhairaYESB0BBCB11Khaira 756048
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb BasudevpurBhadrakYESB0BBCB12Basudevpur 756125
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb BhadrakBhadrakYESB0BBCB13Bhadrak 756100
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb BonthBhadrakYESB0BBCB14Bonth 756114
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb DhamnagarBhadrakYESB0BBCB15Dhamnagar 756117
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb BhandaripokhriBhadrakYESB0BBCB16Bhandaripokhari 756120
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb TihidiBhadrakYESB0BBCB17Tihidi 756130
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb ChandbaliBhadrakYESB0BBCB18Chandabali 756133
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb AgarpadaBhadrakYESB0BBCB19Agarapada 756115
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb OupadaKendraparaYESB0BBCB20Oupada 756059
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb DhamraBhadrakYESB0BBCB21Dhamra 756171
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb BahabalpurBaleshwarYESB0BBCB22Bahalpur 756027
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb Balasore EveBalasoreYESB0BBCB23Balasore 756003
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb MahilaBalasoreYESB0BBCB24Balasore 756001
Balasore Bhadrak Ccb BalaramgadiBaleshwarYESB0BBCB25Balasore 756025